Siam Insect Zoo and Museum

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We have driven past this museum numerous times, en route elsewhere, and it ever really occurred to us to stop. The name isn't hugely appealing, and neither of us are particularly fond of insects. Nevertheless, one day, looking for something new to do, we turned off the main road and followed the lane to the Siam Insect Museum. And what a surprise it was! A legacy from a time gone by, the first few rooms were full of cases and cases of all sorts of preserved insects. This was enough to catch the imagination of our three year old, who then had an excellent time running around peering at beetles, butterflies, spiders, scorpions and more.

In the next section we were handed a torch to hunt out giant spiders (live this time) hiding in their tanks. This was another hit with our three year old and the torch was a good touch, adding a sense of adventure.

A welcome break from the creepy crawlies was the butterfly farm - a lovely enclosed garden where we could walk amongst clouds of butterflies. From here we wandered into the leaf and stick insect section. Staff were stationed by a little tree and kept magicking all sorts of camouflaged insects from amongst the leaves and branches of the tree and giving them to us to hold. 

In the final section, there were a few reptile tanks - little tortoises, iguanas, golden dragons and scorpions - and those brave enough were welcome to hold the creatures. Not my cup of tea but our three year old, after the initial moments of uncertainty, did enjoy stroking most of the reptiles (except the scorpion). 

We visited early on a Saturday morning, and pretty much had the place to ourselves (visitors were beginning to arrive just as we were finishing). The staff were friendly and spoke enough English to chat about the different insects and reptiles.

The detour turned out to be a great little experience, our three year old really enjoyed it, and we unexpectedly did too.


9.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Toilets and Coffee shop on site.

 (Information correct at time of writing however please visit the Siam Insect Zoo Website for the latest information.)