Paediatric & Antenatal Healthcare

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We’ve had our fair share of coughs, colds, flu, bumps and scrapes over the time we’ve been in Chiang Mai and as a result have been to a number of hospitals and clinics. Having worked in the NHS for over 10 years, in a variety of settings, we’d say that the quality of facilities and level of care that we have experienced here is very comparable, and in some cases better. Overall, benefits here include shorter waiting times and access to our choice of doctor. In a few cases we’ve felt that there has been a tendency to overprescribe (having spoken to a number of people this seems to be the norm across the city), however we’ve also found that most doctors are happy for us to question them and ask about prescriptions. In some instances, we have turned down medication and this hasn’t been a problem.

Throughout the city there are numerous hospitals, clinics and dentists. We’ve only listed the ones we have experience of and the doctors we would recommend. These doctors all speak excellent English and are always happy to answer questions.


Paediatrics @ Bangkok Hospital

This is a new hospital, more reminiscent of a hotel than a hospital and the prices reflect this. However, if you have medical insurance and there is an agreement between the hospital and the insurer then there is no need to pay first and then reclaim – you just need to fill out the forms after your visit and pay any excess, depending on your agreement.

We’ve had one inpatient stay here and found that the facilities and care were both very good. Worth noting that nurses do not often speak English, or if they do it is quite limited.

Two paediatricians we’d recommend here are Dr Wikanda and Dr Anjana. No appointment needed for the first visit, you can simply turn up. Bring ID to register. 


Paediatrics & Antenatal @ Lanna Hospital

This is an old hospital with a good reputation. It operates as a mixed state and private hospital so it is understandably busy and waiting times can sometimes get a little long. That said, we haven’t experienced massive queues in the children’s ward, only in the women’s health clinic.

Our second was born here and we received excellent antenatal and postnatal care from Dr Theerajana. She is a very busy lady but is experienced and always happy to discuss any concerns and answer questions. She has a very relaxed but professional manner and we found that she really made an effort to work with us rather than force anything on us during our antenatal care and for our birth plan. Our paediatrician, Dr Thitinun, is very thorough and approachable.

The facilities are a little worn, especially if you compare them to Bangkok Hospital, but we found them to be perfectly acceptable when we had a short spell at the hospital. Dr Theerajana is based in the new block which opened in mid 2016. We were here for postnatal recovery and the facilities are comparable to Bangkok Hospital, albeit the wards are busier. Again the nurses spoke little English but all the doctors we met spoke very good English.


Outpatient Clinic @ Health Care Medical Clinic

This is a family clinic, run by the very experienced and friendly GP, Dr Morgan and her team. The clinic is on Hang Dong Road on the left hand side as you come into the city. It is a small clinic, easy to miss – we find that the best landmark to navigate by is the Geriatric Hospital which is on the opposite side of the road. Parking is available in the lane adjacent to the clinic.  Dr Morgan, although not solely a paediatrician, has been great with our children, speaks excellent English and is a;ways happy to discuss her diagnosis and any treatment options with you. The reception staff and nurses all speak good English. Appointments are required. Bring ID for the first appointment in order to register.  


Paediatric Dental Clinic @ Chiang Mai Ram Health Centre

This is a brand new outpatient health centre, opened in mid 2016. It is part of the neighbouring Chiang Mai Ram hospital and offers a variety of outpatient services, housed in different buildings. From the outside the health centre resembles a holiday resort complex rather than a hospital so can be easy to miss. The dental clinic has a dedicated children’s dentist, complete with balloons and stickers.

Health Care Medical Clinic

Address : 275 M.6 Chiangmai-Hangdong Road Tambon MaeHia, Muang District Chiang Mai 50100
Tel:  053-804405
Clinic Mobile: 08-27668672
More Information: E-mail :
Appointment Request: E-mail:
Office Hours : Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays 08.00-19.00 Hrs
Wednesdays 08:00 - 18:30
Saturday 8.00 - 13.00 Hrs

Closed on Sunday

Appointments required. Bring ID for initial registration
(Information correct at time of writing however please visit the Health Care Medical Clinic Website for the latest information.)

Dental Services @ Chiang Mai Ram Health Centre

Tel: 053920300 for appointments and information
Bring ID for initial registration

Lanna Hospital - Paediatrics and Antenatel Services

Advise to turn up and request an appointment. Initial appointments are on a first come first serve basis.
Initial registration required so bring ID.

Bangkok Hospital - Paediatrics

 Advise to turn up and request an appointment. Initial appointments are on a first come first serve basis.
Initial registration required so bring ID.
Tel: +66 5208 9888 or 1719