Hidden Village & Dinosaur Village

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Chiang Mai's newest attraction is a fantastic park just off the second ring road. This isn't a park in the traditional sense though. The shady, grassy areas are there but there are also huge colourful sculptures of reptiles and bugs from past and present for kids to clamber about, an adventurous wooden playground (possibly better for slightly older kids), a big and busy trampoline, and a small petting zoo with sheep and donkeys.

But the star of Hidden Village is the dinosaur exhibit. Enormous, possibly life-size models of the beasts, which move and roar. The detail is amazing; the eyes blink, the tails swish, the gigantic heads move and the jaws open and close. By each dinosaur there is a small plaque with its name and some facts about it.

Both our kids loved the park for different reasons. Our three year old had a great time running about, climbing around the sculptures, playing in the playground and seeing the dinosaurs. Our eight month old got a kick out of hearing the dinosaurs roar.

There are quite a few shady spots throughout where you can sit and enjoy refreshments from the kiosks dotted around the park (no outside food and drinks allowed in). There is also a steak house which serves a mix of Thai and western food. We haven't tried it yet but it looks nice.

We spent a few hours here and our three year old is already looking forward to the next visit. By the exit there was a rack of photos, taken by the official Hidden Village photographer. We ended up with four souvenir shots of us. Hopefully this doesn't happen again on our next visit!

Hidden Village Chiang Mai Details

Adults: Thais and foreign Residents: 100THB

Foreigners: 200THB

Children under 100cm: Free

Open 9am - 7pm