Cup Fine Day

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At the foot of the auspicious Doi Kham is Cup Fine Day. Located opposite the car park for the trail which leads up the mountain to the temple with a famous golden Buddha overlooking Chiang Mai, the cafe makes a good starting or finishing point for the hike.

The cafe is also enjoyable without the walk. There is a large, shady garden full of playground equipment including a trampoline, sandpit, swings and climbing frame and there are tables dotted about so you can keep an eye on things. The playground equipment is in reasonably decent condition but some parts could do with a bit of TLC.

Inside the lovely wooden building, the cafe is airconditioned and there are cozy seats to sink into. There are also seats on the veranda outside, overlooking the playground. 

The menu is pretty extensive. We've only had coffee and hot chocolate here but the food we've seen looks good.

We've only been to the cafe during the dry season and the playground, with its big trees and forest-like feel, is great during this time. But having completed the walk up to the temple during the rainy season, in which we ended up with quite a few insect bites, we're guessing that the cafe is a likely haven for mosquitos once the rains start. A bit of insect repellent should do the trick though.

Cup Fine Day Information

OPEN DAILY: 7:00 AM – 8.00 PM

Phone: 081 724 6409

Visit Cup Fine Day Facebook Page for more information


 (Information correct at time of writing)