Chiang Mai Night Safari

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Chiang Mai Night Safari is located next door to Ratchaphreuk Gardens, on the road to Doi Kham and Cup Fine Day.

The zoo has a great covered playground with a fantastic rope climbing gym.

There are a few different activities you can do, including walking around the lake, riding the buses around the park and watching the animal shows.
The walk around the lake is open all day and at 50 Baht per adult and 25 Baht per child, is good for a quick visit to the park. Along the route there is a huge number of animals including an enormous python, porcupines, pgymy hippos, lemurs, wild cats and big cats, otters and capybaras. You can also visit the tiger section.

From 3.30pm, the buses around the park start running. There are two routes, each one lasting 30 minutes, which take you through the predator and African zones. We've been on the bus rides during the afternoon and in the evening and both have been good. Beware the giraffes sticking their heads into the buses looking for food which you can buy before you board the bus. Bus routes cost 200 Baht per adult and 100 Baht per child in the afternoon and 300 Baht per adult and 125 Baht per child in the evening. These are prices with a Thai driving license.

We have found that for 500 Baht per person you can buy a 6 month ticket which gives you unlimited access to the zoo. These are available from the information kiosk, not the ticket counter, and you need to show your Thai driving license. Children under 100cm are free.

Chiang Mai Night Safari Information

OPEN DAILY: 11:00 AM – 10.00 PM

Visit the Night Safari Web Page for more information on opening times, show times and tram times

Note that on the English website overseas visitor prices are shown. If you have a Thai ID or Drivers Licence then these prices are lower.

 (Information correct at time of writing)